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1752 Golspie People

It is recorded in around 1738 that the Kirk Session of Golspie applied to the Earl of Sutherland for permission to charge rents for the individual pews in St Andrew's church.  This was granted.  It appears to have continued for quite some time as the names below are actual seat holders in the Church in 1752. This is a fascinating list showing the people of Golspie around that time. It should be noted however that the Kirk Session, who had hoped to make a regular income from rents for the seats provided out of kirk funds, but, in practice, found it impossible to collect the specified sums and therefore deceided to sell them outright. Three years later it was reported that "the prices of the seats within the Church of Golspy are not yet near paid up"!

The seat holders in 1752:

ANDERSON Adam in Strathsteven
BAILLIE Alexander, shoemaker, Mellaig; John, Rhives
BAIN George, catechist, Kirktown; George, fisher Golspie; William, fisher, Golspie
BANNERMAN Adam, tailor, Golspymore; David, tenant, Balblair; John, tenant, Craigtown
BUIE Donald, Clayside
CRAIG Oliver, weaver, Mellaig
CUTHBERT Donald, fisher, Golspie
DALLAS Hector, Enderboll; Hugh, brother to Hector
DAWSON Catherine, widow of William Macpherson, Glen
DENOON George, sheriff officer
DUFF Alexander, groom in Dunrobin
FERGUSON James, Balblair
FLETCHER John, Clayside
FORBES William, Dunrobin
FRASER John, Aberscross
FROSTER John, late in Sallach
GORDON Adam, Culmaillie; Alexander, cottar, Clayside; Alexander, servant to John Mackay; George, tenant, Drummuie; William, Culmaillie
GRAHAM George, younger of Drynie
GRANT Alexander, Glen; Donald, Auldspoutie; Donald, Sallach; George, Ballon; Hugh, weaver, Glen; James, tenant, Ballon; John, Sallach; John, son of the late Donald, and nephew of Robert; Robert, servant, Rives; William, garden of Dunrobin
GRAY Hugh, Helmsdale, possibly late in Sallach; John, late tenant in Ballon; William, late in Clayside
GUNN Alexander, Kirktown; Elspat, widow of George Sutherland in Kirktown; James, tenant, Culmaillie; James, tenant, Craigtown; John, Craigtown, blind; John, Kirktown, brother of Alexander; Thomas, tenant, Sallach; William, brother of James in Culmaillie; William, Kirktown
INNES George, tenant, Ballon; Robert, Craigtown; William, nephew to George in Ballon
LESLIE George, tenant, Backies
MACANGUS John, tenant, Uppat
MACARSIE George, Golspie Tower; John, alias Macleod, servant, Clayside
MACREECHIE Alexander, tailor, Clayside
MACDONALD Donald, alias Dow, Miltown; John, Kirk Officer
MACGILBERT Donald, tenant, Sallach; John, tenant, Krokruich (see place names of Golspie)
MACGREGOR Andrew, alias Roy, tenant, Miltown
MACKAY Alexander, tenant, Kirktown; Alexander, tacksman, Rihorn; Andrew, Sallach; David, Sallach; Donald, tailor; Donald, Orltown; Donald, tenant, Culmaillie; George, shoemaker, Broomhill; George, Glen; John, Aberscross; John, tenant, Culmaillie; James, tailor, Drummuie; John, Golspie; John, Golspie; John, tenant, Rives; William, merchant, Golspie; William, tenant, Krostruich; William, tacksman, Uppat
MACNEIL George, alias Macleod, tenant, Backies
MACPHERSON Adam, tenant, Clayside; Alexander, Sallach; Donald, tenant, Craigtown; George, Ballon; Hugh, tenant, Mellaig; John, tenant, Golspymore; Robert, Golspymore; William, Glen – died pre 1752, widow had seat
MACTYRE (could this be Macintyre?) Donald, weaver, Drummuie
MANSON Alexander senior, fisher, Golspie; Alexander junior, fisher, Golspie; Donald, fisher, Golspie
MATHESON Alexander, late in Sallach; Andrew, brother of Hugh of Golspie; George, deceased; Gilbert, deceased; Hugh, Golspie, brother of Andrew; John, Clayside; William, soldier, in Holland
MILLER Adam, Golspie; Alexander, Orltown; Andrew, Orltown, brother to Alexander
MORE Donald, servant, Culmaillie
MUNRO George, tenant, Balnaglach; John, Drummuie; John, Dunrobin Mains; Thomas, wright, Golspie; William, wright, Rives; William, Rives; William, tenant, Balnaglach
MURRAY Alexander, tenant, Sallach; James, alias Bain, tenant, Kirktown; John, tenant, Ballon; James, weaver, Milntown; John, tenant, Craigtown; Kenneth, Little Ferry; Robert, weaver, Ballon; William, tacksman, Orltown; William, Golspie Tower
NOE William, fisher, Golspie
OAG Angus, Strathsteven
PRONTACH - see Grant – for an unknown reason many Grants living in Sutherland, especially those in Golspie, used the name Prontach
RAY Donald, fisher, Golspie
ROSS Donald, tenant, Golspymore; James, tenant, Drummuie; John, tenant, Drummuie; Robert, Old Rives; William, Golspie Tower
ROY - Hector, alias Murray, Mellaig
RUDDES John, Glen; Murdoch, Golspie Tower
SUTHERLAND Adam, Golspie; Alexander, Mellachton – possibly Mellaig; Alexander, Sallach; Alexander, alias Oag, tailor, Blarnafedag; Alexander, alias Oag, Garden of Dunrobin; Donald, nephew of John Bannerman; Donald, Balblair; Donald, alias Don, tenant, Culmaillie; George in Kirktown, his widow Elspet Gunn; George, Dunrobin Mains; Hector, Culmaillie; Jean, daughter to Merran Grant, Clayside; John, tinker; John, mason; John, tenant, Drummuie; John, Golspymore; John, merchant, tenant, Golspie Tower; John, Golspie Tower; John, minister - 1752 Golspie Kirk
SYRLD Donald, fisher, Golspie
TARROL John, Garden of Dunrobin - 1752 Golspie Kirk; John, Golspyshore – support 1798
TOUKITTER ? Donald, Mellaig - 1752 Golspie Kirk
WATSON Alexander, Drummuie - 1752 Golspie Kirk
YOUNG John, tacksman, Old Rives - 1752 Golspie Kirk

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