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1809 Golspie, Summons of Removal

1809 Golspie Summons of Removal from the Sutherland Papers (SC9/7/58)

"Upon the second and third days of March eighteen hundred and nine years, I, Alexander Sutherland, one of the Sheriff officers of Sutherland passed at Command of the Sheriff of Sutherland his lybelled Summons of Removing dated at Dornoch the sixteenth day of February last, raised at the instance of Elizabeth, Marchioness of Stafford and Countess of Sutherland, Heritable Proprietrie of the lands of Kirktown, Sallachtown, Ballone and others lying in the parish of Golspie and County of Sutherland with the special advice and consent of George Grenville, Marquis of Stafford, her husband and him for his right and interest": 


Captain John MUNRO tenant of Kirktown, Hugh GUNN, James MACPHERSON, George MACPHERSON, William ROSS, Donald GUNN Wright, Robert MACPHERSON, Alexander MACPHERSON, Anne GUNN widow of James GRANT and Angus GUNN, all tenants in Sallachtown

Ebenezer GRANT and Ann GRAY his mother, Donald GRANT, Martin INNES, Robert GRANT, John GRANT and George GORDON, tenants in Ballone.

James GRANT and Margaret GRANT his mother, Sergeant Hugh GORDON and Alexander GORDON, tenant in Rihorn.

James GORDON, John MACLEOD senior, John MACLEOD junior and Alexander MACKAY, tenants in Old Rhives

George SUTHERLAND tenant in Croftvaliach of Old Rhives

George MACLEOD, Janet POLSON widow of Alexander MACDONALD, Alexander MACLEOD, John GRANT, Catherine GRANT widow of David CAMPBELL, all in Drummuie

John MACPHERSON, Gilbert MATHESON, Donald BANNERMAN and Marion GRANT widow of William MACLEOD, all in Balblair.

Angus ROSS merchant in Golspy possessor of Miss Mackay’s house Golspytower.

James DOUGLAS possessor of a house and garden on the shore east of Golspy Burn

Donald SUTHERLAND in Blarnafidoch, John GRANT and Donald MACKAY in Ledriach of Glen of Dunrobin

Hugh GRANT in Inchfoury

Thomas MATHESON and John GORDON in New Backies

John MURRAY, Donald SUTHERLAND and George SUTHERLAND in Lonmore of Rhives

William MACKAY in Coirgrean

Alexander MURRAY in Lednafurran of Corgrean

John MURRAY and Elspet CUTHBERT in Strathlundy

William GRANT in Badravan

William MURRAY, Alexander CAMPBELL, Adam MACPHERSON tailor, GEORGE INNES and Isobel INNES widow of John SUTHERLAND all in Easter Aberscross

It is not clear that all the people mentioned were actually removed but this is a useful list of names and place where they lived at the time.


Photograph of Dunrobin above by C Stokes
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1809 Golspie Militia

Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones. Adapted for this page by C Stokes. 

Published here with his permission. 
All Mc & Mac names shown here as Mac.
Place names are spelled as on original document

This Militia List is certified to be a true & correct list of all the males between the ages of 18 & 45 residing in the Parish of Golspie who were liable for ballot - the list also included 118 men who were exempt.

Surnames are shown alphabetically followed by name, occupation & residence.

James, smith, Golspy 

Alexander, Culmaily 

Angus, Morvich
Robert, Balblair 

James, excise officer, Golspy 

Thomas, nurseryman, Dunrobin 

George, labourer, Culmaily 
George, Morvich 

William, road contractor, Golspy 

Alexander, grieve, Uppat 
Daniel, labourer, Drumuie 

James, ferryman, Little Ferry
John, scholar, Golspy
William, farmer, West Aberscross 

Robert, labourer, Backies
Kenneth, wright, Golspy 

John, farmer, West Aberscross 

Robert, undertaker, Golspy 

Alexander, merchant, Strathstephen (Strathsteven)
James, wright, Golspy
William, labourer, Dunrobin 

Donald, wright apprentice, Golspy
John jnr, farmer, Strathlundy
William, servant, Dunrobin 

William, shoemaker, Glen 

Alexander, grieve, Dunrobin

Angus, merchant, Golspy
John, labourer, Golspy 

Daniel, wright, Culmaily 

Alexander, labourer, Uppat
Charles, merchant, Golspy
Gustavus, innkeeper, Golspy
John, Farlary; Robert, weaver, Backies
William, Noe - - - , Golspy 

Donald, grieve, Craigton 

Alexander, Strathlundy 

William, slater, Old Rhives

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1798 Golspie People

This is the list of the people of Golspy who contributed for the support of the Government at a meeting held in the Church of Golspy 24th of May 1798, exclusive of Volunteers. On this 1798 list there is no mention of the township of Backies although the people’s names appear – it would seem to be included in Dunrobin.
Place spellings as in original list. All Mc and Mac names shown here as Mac.

Some of those shown here also show on the 1752 church list, 1809 Militia and 1811 census
BAILLIE Adam, Culmaillie; John, Culmaillie
BANNERMAN David, tenant, Balblair; John, Dunrobin
BAXTER Alexander, Dunrobin
BRUCE Christian, dairymaid, Uppat
CADIACH Donald, servant, Dunrobin
CAMERON Mrs, Golspyshore; Roderick, carpenter, Dunrobin
CAMPBELL David, Ballone; John, Aberscross
CROMBY Elizabeth, Dunrobin
CUTHBERT Donald, Dunrobin; John, catechist, Golspymore; Martin, Dunrobin
DEMPSTER Thomas, Dunrobin
DONN Christian, Dunrobin; George, servant, Dunrobin; William, servant, Dunrobin
EDIE Mrs, Golspyshore
FLETCHER Donald, Uppat
GORDON Alexander, servant, Golspie; James, servant, Kirkton; James, Old Rhives
GOW Alexander, servant at Bay, Dunrobin; William, Dunrobin; William, servant at Bay, Dunrobin
GRANT Alexander, Glen; Donald, weaver, Golspie; George, Ballon; George, Craigton; Hugh, weaver, Glen; James, junior, Ballon; James, Rhiorn, farmer; James, Sallachton; James, servant at Bay, Dunrobin; John, East Aberscross; John, Ballone; John, Glen; John, labourer, Dunrobin; William, Glen
GUNN Alexander, Kirktown; Donald, Strathlundy; Hugh, Sallachton; John, Glen; William, Balblair; William, cooper, Kirkton
INNES Hugh, servant, Aberscross; Hugh, shoemaker, East Aberscross; Hugh, Culmaillie; Margaret, Aberscross; Martin, Ballone
KEITH Rev. Mr. William, Golspie
LESLIE George, Dunrobin; William, Dunrobin
MACBEATH Alexander, herd, Dunrobin; Thomas, servant, Dunrobin
MACCOMASH Martin, Dunrobin; William, Dunrobin
MACDONALD Alexander, pensioner, Rhiorn; George, Strathlundy; Robert, Aberscross
MACGILLIVRAY John, schoolmaster, Golspie
MACGLASHAN Girzal & Ann, Golspie
MACGRIGOR John, Dunrobin; Robert, gardener, Dunrobin
MACINTOSH Robert, officer to the Earl; William, Kirktown
MACKAY Alexander, East Aberscross; Alexander, merchant, Golspyshore; Alexander’s widow, Culmaillie; Alexander, highland herd, Dunrobin; Angus, miller, Milntown; Donald, servant; Donald, East Aberscross; Donald, Glen; George, Glen, a piper; Isabella, Dunrobin; James Mackay Bain, Uppat; John, tenant, Culmaillie; Kenneth, Dunrobin; Mrs Mackay, Golspie; William, Strathlundy; William, smith, Dunrobin
Alexander, East Aberscross; Hector, Ballone; James, Milntown; Thomas, Dunrobin; William, Uppat
MACLEOD Ann, Dunrobin; George, Dunrobin; Hugh, Culmaillie; James, Aberscross; John, pensioner, Culmaillie; John, Strathlundy; Martin, Golspymore; Mrs Macleod, Morvich; William, farmer, Golspyshore MACPHERSON Alexander, Sallach; Colin, Culmaillie; John, junior, joiner, Golspyshore; John, Balblair; Robert, Sallachton; Widow, Uppat; William; William, Golspymore; William (Buie), Dunrobin
MACRAE Hector, Uppat; John, Uppat
MATHESON John, Culmaillie
MILL George, Dunrobin
MILLER Adam, Golspyshore
MUNRO Donald, Dunrobin; Donald, labourer, Dunrobin; Hugh, Golspyshore; John, servant, Kirkton; Mrs Munro senior, Golspie; William, servant, Dunrobin; William, labourer, Dunrobin
MURRAY Alexander, pensioner, Kirkton; George, cooper, Uppat; John, servant, Kirkton; John, senior, Strathlundy; John, junior, Strathlundy; John, meduces, Strathlundy; James, servant, Morvich; Robert and Margaret, Kirkton; Robert, tailor, Kirkton; Robert, Glen
OAG Alexander, Dunrobin
ROBERTSON William, Dunrobin
ROSE William, innkeeper, Golspie
ROSS Adam Ross Buie, Uppat; David, Uppat; David, Dunrobin; Donald, Strathlundy; Donald, servant, Dunrobin; Hugh, Uppat; James, Craigton; James, Old Rhives; John, joiner, Golspie; Robert, Ballone; William, Doll (Clyne) at Dunrobin
SUTHERLAND Alexander, Glen; Alexander (Roy), Uppat; Alexander, servant at Bay, Dunrobin; Ann, Drummuie; Charles, Aberscross; Charles Sutherland Kay, Kirkton – is Kay a byname?; George, Old Rhives; Hector, Uppat; James, shoemaker, Sallachton; John, Aberscross; John, East Aberscross; John, Strathlundy; John, dyker, Dunrobin; John, sawyer, Dunrobin; William, Craigton; William, Golspyshore, cooper; William, herd, Dunrobin ; William, servant, Dunrobin
THOMPSON James, mason, Golspyshore
URQUHART John, Dunrobin
WATSON Alexander, Dunrobin; Dugald, Drummuie
YOUNG George, grieve, Uppat 
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