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Main Street part 2

Main Street – Land side from East end to West End 

The first five buildings on our list are today on the top left side of Main Street as you look eastwards. At the time of the Estate records which we have used to compile these lists they came at the end where the road curved round. The new A9 road altered the shape of that end of the village – more details at end of list. From G006 we go walk straight down through the village on the land side, cross the road at the west end and come back up the shore side till we are back at these five buildings! Enjoy the walk.
Thumbnails are shown here. Larger images can be viewed in our Main Street Album.

Church of Scotland, St Andrew’s


Golspie School, now a nursery school

The Hollies




Golspie Bowling Club

Number on Estate plan 1 – now Bank of Scotland buildings – residence and offices - house built 1848 by Linen Bank – this stance was once part of the large area of croft land which had been worked by Angus Ross. It was divided up in 1848 and the greater part of it was taken by the British Linen Bank paying a rent of four pounds and two shillings for the building stance plus three pounds, one shilling and sixpence for the garden land for the agent. It was owned by Linen Bank in 1850. In the 1851 census Donald Gray, agent, age 26, born Halkirk, Caithness, was living here alone. In 1860 Donald GRAY, agent, he was still there, now married with a family. The 1861 census shows Donald to be a Writer Notary Public and Bank Agent. His wife Maria was born in Edinburgh. Their two children James and Maria Christina were born in Golspie. They had four local people as servants.

Bank of Scotland, Northern Times & Method Publishing (formerly W.R. Sutherland's Showroom & Yard behind)

Number on Estate plan 2 – now known as Burn Cottage
House was built in 1843 by James ANDERSON. He still owned it in 1850. Adam ANDERSON, blacksmith, lived there in 1860

Family information
ADAM ANDERSON [14/4/1798-27/8/1886] married CATHERINE MUNRO [1797-5/12/1881]
Adam Anderson, a blacksmith, was born at Golspieburn (originally East end of Main Street) son of James Anderson and Janet Macpherson. Catherine Sutherland Munro was also born in Golspie, daughter of Hugh Munro, farmer, and Catherine Duncan.
Adam and Catherine lived at Golspie Burn where the 1851 census describes Adam as a blacksmith. In 1841 and 1851 a granddaughter, Janet Gunn, born circa 1839, was living with them. In 1861 Adam, a retired blacksmith and Catherine were living in a farm house in Golspie - still Main Street. With them was Catherine M. Smith, a 12 year old niece born Aberdeen, William Ross, a 9 year old nephew born Golspie, James Armstrong, a 16 year old farm servant born Clyne, Janet Ross an 18 year old domestic servant born Dornoch and Janet Mackay a 50 year old visitor from Dornoch who was also a domestic servant.
In 1881 Adam was described as a retired farmer. Catherine Smith was still with them.
Catherine died in 1881 in Golspie. Adam died in 1886.
Adam and Catherine are buried in Golspie where a niece, Catherine M. Smith, erected a gravestone in their memory.
A descendant of this family lives in Australia.
Full size image here

Not shown on original Estate plans – now known as Allt Saggart
In the 1900s there were Sutherlands in the house followed by Baxters.


Known as Stoer Cottage
Andrew Mackay, plumber lived here in 1918. His nephew John Mackay was killed in World War One. Andrew died there in 1936. 

Number on Estate plan 3 – now Klibreck
House built in 1814 by John MACKAY. Listed in Trades People 1837 - John MUNRO, baker, lived in it in 1850 & 1860. In 1841 John Munro who was born circa 1806 in Golspie was there with his wife Jane BRANDER, aged 30 and children Amelia, 12 and Jessie, 10. In 1861 John is shown as born in Dornoch. His wife Jane was born in Elgin, Morayshire. Amelia, Jessie and youngest daughter Elspet were still at home. The children were all born in Golspie. Jane Brander may be a daughter of James Brander who built the house Rostellan – see G149

Number on Estate plan 4
House built in 1814 by William MACKAY who still owned it in 1850 and was living there in 1860. He was a carpenter. William Mackay, carpenter, is recorded in the 1837 Trades People list. William and his wife Margaret Matheson lived here through the 1841, 51 and 61 censuses.
This house was removed for entrance to new High School – 1960’s

Not shown on 1850 Estate plan but had a house between number 4 & 5 on the 1860 plan, known as Murray’s, Golspie. A George WALKER, carpenter living there in 1860. George was married to Janet Gunn, daughter of James Gunn and Catherine Anderson who lived at G035.
This may be the same house as G009

Number on Estate plan 5
House built in 1814 by Andrew ROSS. An Andrew GUNN, shoemaker, living there in 1850 and 1860. He is shown on the Trades People list in 1837 also.
Little bit of confusion between this house and the next! In the 1861 census Roderick MACLEOD born circa 1805 in Assynt, a labourer was living in Golspie Village in a house known as Macleod’s. With him were Andrew GUN, age 53, Alexander MACLEOD age 19, Margaret MACLEOD age 22 and Neil MACLEOD age 17.
This house was removed for entrance to new High School – 1960s

Not shown on 1850 Estate plan but a house here in the 1860. A Roderick MACLEOD, labourer, lived in the house in 1860.

Number on Estate plan 6 – now known as Roselea
House built in 1817 by George ALEXANDER. Donald GORDON, a labourer, lived in the house in 1850 and in 1860. The 1861 census shows Donald and his wife, Isabella PENDRITH, living here with their family. Isabella’s parents live next door (G009). Isabella died in 1874. In 1881 Donald, an unemployed miller and a widower, was living there with his family. Donald died in 1888. In the 1891 census only his son Lauchlan was living in the house on Main Street. This family are buried in Golspie. A Donald Gordon still lived in this house in 1960/61

Number on Estate plan 7 – now Lindsay’s showroom – previously Clydesdale Bank
House built in 1814 by Widow MATHESON. Alexander PENDRITH owned it in 1850. He was a miller who was born in Aberdeenshire. The 1826 militia list tells us that he was “lame of an arm”. His widow, Ann GUNN, lived there in 1860. Alexander is shown on our 1837 Trades People list as a corn miller. The 1861 census shown Ann, age 65 born in Golspie living on an annuitant with her daughters Helen, 29 and Margaret, 35. Her daughter Isabella lived next door (G008).

Not shown on original estate plan but house here in 1860 with Alexander CALDER, druggist, living here. In the 1861 census Alexander was shown as age 24, born in Kinloss, Morayshire. His sister Margaret lived with him and a 17 year old apprentice, Adam MENNIE from Aberdeen. Adam Mennie later married into the Lindsay family.

Not shown on original estate plan but does show on the 1860 plan. Kenneth GUNN, carpenter lived here in 1860. In 1861 Kenneth Gunn, age 39, born Dornoch, house carpenter, was living here with his wife and family. His address was shown as Widow’s House. Kenneth died there in 1887. His wife Elizabeth STEWART lived until 1923. They are buried in Golspie.

Number on Estate plan 8 & 9 – The Cottage* (Anderson Cottage) & Newton*
8) The Cottage (Anderson’s Cottage) - set back from the road this house built in 1814 by Donald SUTHERLAND. His widow lived there in 1850 and in 1860.
9) Newton
Set back from the road this house was built in 1817 by Jean and Margaret SUTHERLAND. The house was owned by David SPANKIE, labourer in 1850. Widow SPANKIE lived there in 1860. 1861 census shows Jane Spankie, widow, to be 80 years of age and born in Golspie, a householder living alone. This house was knocked down before 1868.
Every street has its dramas including Main Street - David Spankie, carrier, Golspie, born circa 1774, was in 1842 charged with the crime of culpable homicide at the Inn, Brora, Clyne. He was accused of murdering Williamina Grant, widow, Rogart. (National Archives of Scotland AD14/57/323)
Spankie is an unusual name in this area. There was a David Spankie, grieve at Rhives in 1826 Militia list, aged under 30 – son of this family perhaps.
Now known as The COTTAGE & NEWTON they are described as a “Pair cottages, single storey and attic”. The Cottage dated 1868 with dormer gable initialled S for Sutherland.
Newton, dwelling at right angles to the Cottage has gabled dormer with 1866 date stone - former police station
Stances for the original station and the cottage became free when old cottages flush with the road were cleared away. They had been poorly built in the first place and in 1850 still had only a mixture of thatch and feal for roofing and the occupants were very old (M Wilson Grant)
Both houses are now privately owned (1985) - the Cottage was bought from the Sutherland Estate by the present owner’s grandmother and Newton was bought from the police in 1968 when a new, modern station was built in the western half of Main Street
* both these buildings are now classified as ‘listed buildings’

Number on Estate plan 10 – Now Morbheanna
House built in 1816 by Alexander GRANT. Hugh GRANT, shoemaker, lived here in 1850 and 1860.
Hugh Grant and his wife Ann GUNN lived here with their family until their deaths. Ann died in 1864 and Hugh in 1873. They are buried in Golspie. Their daughter Catherine was for many years a school teacher at Doll, Clyne.
In the mid 20th century this house became Hector Taylor’s shop – sold great sweets!

 Number on Estate plan 11 – now known as Moydene
House built in 1814 by Donald MACKENZIE who still owned it in 1850. Still there in 1860 Donald was a weaver and church officer. In 1861 he was living there with his wife Isabella GORDON plus a son and daughter. Donald died there in 1869.
Now owned by Sandy Campbell, owner of the fish shop
next to this house is a lane.

Number on Estate plan 12 – now known as The Haven
House built in 1818 by Alexander MACGREGOR. Alexander CAMERON, a saddler lived here in 1850 and in 1860. The 1861 census shows Alexander Cameron and his wife Janet Mackay living here with their children. Alexander Cameron died in 1870.

Number on Estate plan 13 – now The Gift Shop probably owned by the Estate – East Sutherland Art society Exhibiting presenting
House built by Alexander MACGREGOR in 1820. Alexander Macgregor, bootmaker, is recorded on the 1837 Trades People list. Mrs LOW owned this house in 1850.

Number on Estate plan 14 – now known as Achmore
This house shows on the plan but no information known

Number on Estate plan 15 – now known as Balgownie
House built in 1817 by Jean ROSS or GRANT. Owned by her in 1850

Number of Estate plan 16 – now known as Myron House
House built in 1820 by Alexander MACGREGOR, draper. He was living there in 1850 and in 1860. The 1837 Trades People list shows Alexander Macgregor, Grocer and Draper. The 1861 census shows Alexander Macgregor, merchant and general dealer, born circa 1791 in Golspie, living with his wife Martha from Ross-shire, aged only 36 and their young children. I believe Alexander was previously married to Christina GUNN. Alexander died in 1870.

Number of Estate plan 17 – now known as Olson House – recently Social Work offices – now empty
House built in 1827 by Donald SUTHERLAND. Widow C. GRANT owned it in 1850. Later Donald MURRAY, draper, had his shop here. Donald had two sisters who appear to have lived at Seaview (G126).

Number on Estate plan 18 – now known as Buona Vista
Shows on plan but no more information

Number on Estate plan 19 – now known as Heathcote
House built in 1827 by Alexander WATSON. He was still the owner in 1850 and was living there in the 1851 census with his wife, Margaret MURRAY and children. The family were still there in 1860 and the 1861 census shows them also. Alexander died in 1870. Margaret died in 1888. Alexander Watson is shown on our 1837 Trades People list as a vintner (Ship).

Now Co-op store
Number on Estate plan 20
House built in 1827 by Alexander MACKAY. His widow living there in 1850 and in 1860

Number of Estate plan 21
This may now be a large lane (car size) up the side of the Co-op
House built in 1827 by Mrs MACGLASHAN. Miss MACGLASHAN owned it in 1850

Number on Estate plan 22 – now known as Inveravon
Shows on plan but no further information

Number on Estate plan 23 – now known as Tigh-na-Grian - previously known as Dunedin
House built in 1807 by Mrs MACGLASHAN. Miss MACGLASHAN owned it in 1850.

Number on Estate plan 24 – I think partially removed due to what is there now!
Former Temperance Hotel was built on this site.

Number on Estate plan 25 – now known as James Fraser’s Shop* (Fountain Buildings)
House built in 1821 by Andrew MACLEOD who still owned it in 1850 – Andrew ran a shop from here.
In 1906 the original building was removed and a new ‘asymmetrical 2-storey and attic corner shop and dwelling’ replaced it. The building has a monogram AA and a date stone 1906.
The new house was built by Archibald Argo, a lawyer from Urquhart in Moray who became Sutherland’s County Clerk and “evidenced a great desire to impress the local people with the importance of his position”. Stone for the shop was imported across the Firth from Moray.
This is now a ‘listed’ building.

Number on Estate plan 26 – now known as Dunaig
House built in 1802 by Donald MACLEOD, an Adjutant in the volunteers. Owned by Andrew MACLEOD in 1850

Number on Estate plan 27, 28 & 29 - see also notes on each number below
House built in 1809 by John ROSS who was said to have made his money in Berbice Guiana. He built three houses, 27, 28 and 29 – these were taken over by Andrew MACLEOD, son of Donald in number 26 after his father’s death in 1806. Andrew became a very successful merchant and in addition to these four houses he also held the croft land immediately behind them and later acquired a second three acre plot towards the east end of the village. He married Helen ROSS. In 1809 Andrew was one of the very few men in Golspie rich enough to pay a substitute to take his place on the Militia list. Shown on our Trades People list in 1837 as a grocer and draper. In the 1851 census he was described as a grocer and draper, aged 72, farming 7 acres. He died in 1856 and Helen in 1860. They are buried in St Andrew’s churchyard.
Family information:
In the mid 1800's I had a lot of relatives living in Golspie Main Street, and the more I look the more I find. In general these were families from other areas of Scotland who came to Golspie to build the houses and then the next generation left for greener pastures, mainly in Australia and New Zealand. I will just list them here but if anyone is connected I have more (sometimes much more) information.
James Thomson my 3 times great grandfather, a mason, born Kincardine, Ross & Cromarty, arrived in Golspie around 1795. His wife was Janet Dunbar who was born in Golspie about 1774. They had the following children all born in Golspie: John 1797; Robert 1799; Margaret 1802; Janet 1807 - married Alexander Ross - see below; Mary 1810; James 1813 and Christian 1813. See also G054.
John Ross
, a mason born in Morayshire in 1790 arrived in Golspie about 1805. He married Helen Murray who was born in Golspie in 1794. They had the following children all born in Golspie: Margaret 1816; Ann 1818; Robert 1821; Alexandrina 1824; Jean 1824; Helen 1826 and Elizabeth 1829. John's son Robert Ross, also a mason, married Jane McLennan and had the following children born in Golspie; Helen 1851; Donald 1853; John 1861 and Robert 1863. See also G037.
Alexander Ross, a mason born in Morayshire in 1810, brother of John above, arrived in Golspie in 1830. He married Janet Thomson (daughter of John Thomson above). See also G042.
Elizabeth Ross born 1806 Morayshire, sister of John and Alexander above, married Angus Mackay, carpenter, born 1811 in Golspie. They had the following children all born in Golspie: William 1838; Margaret 1840 and Peter 1846.
Angus Mackay is the son of William Mackay, joiner and Margaret Matheson. They had other children born in Golspie including Elizabeth 1815 who married Alexander Noble.
Alexander Noble born in 1848 in Golspie, a house painter married Helen Ross (daughter of John Ross above) in Golspie in 1875.
Alexander Noble (father of above Alexander Noble) was born in 1807 in Inverness, a carpenter joiner who married Eliza MacKay in Golspie in 1832. Their children were born in Golspie including Alexander.
There are more, mostly by marriage but it makes my head hurt so will stop there. In total it constitutes about 10% of Golspie Main Street around 1840/1850. It seems every person listed in census was involved in aspects of house building and were all related in one way or another, to my great grandfather John Ross.
Information from Neil North, Australia

The three houses are now separate properties
37a – now known as Rispond
37b – formerly Morrison’s Bakery, now offices and flats
37c YMCA built 1901

Number on Estate plan 30 – formerly Rosslyn and Jimmy Miller’s shop – now Scottish Natural Heritage
House built in 1830 by John MACDONALD. Owned by Mrs DUNCAN in 1850

Number on Estate plan 31 – now known as Seacraig
House built in 1825 by George DUNCAN. George was the village baker. He also acted as a village constable according to an 1820 report. He is shown on the 1826 militia list as a baker. Son James was the postmaster. Owned by Mrs DUNCAN in 1850

Number on Estate plan 32 – now Stag’s Head Hotel
House built in 1823 by James GUNN who still owned it in 1850.
This or the next house may be where James Gunn lived. James Gunn, tailor, was born in Golspie and married to Catherine ANDERSON, daughter of James ANDERSON, blacksmith and Janet MACPHERSON. James is shown as a tailor on our 1837 Trades People list. James Gunn and his wife and family were living here in the 1861 census. Their married daughter Janet was married to George WALKER and living at G005

Number on Estate plan 33 – was Sunset House, now part of Stag’s Head Hotel above
House built in 1823 by James GUNN who still owned it in 1850

Number on Estate plan 34 & 35 – now known as Glen Coul* and Gairloch(y)*
Described as “later 19th century, single storey and attic L-plan pair Sutherland Estate cottages” – Glen Coul was noted in the 1850 Estate review as being the oldest house in Golspie, It had been built by Thomas MUNRO, a carpenter and boat builder, widely known as the most outstanding man in the parish in the 18th century. Following the death of Thomas Munro in 1776 the house then passed to his daughter Mrs EDIE and later to his granddaughter Helen EDIE who later assigned it to Alexander ROSS who died in 1848. His widow owned it in 1850. 
It became Sutherland Estate property sometime in the 1860s when a two-storey house (now called Giarlochy) was added on to its west gable with a slight overlap at the rear.
* These two properties are ‘listed’ buildings
Family information:
ALEXANDER ROSS [c1802-1847] married JANET THOMSON [c1810-1896]
Alexander, a stone cutter and a loyal and devout member of the Free Church of Scotland, married Janet in Golspie on 18th December 1830.
Alexander was born in Morayshire, son of a Peter Ross, mason. Janet is the daughter of James Thomson and Janet Dunbar who also lived on Main Street - see G054.
Alexander and Janet married in Golspie in 1830. Both Alexander and Janet died in Golspie and are buried in St Andrews churchyard.
They had at least the following children:
PETER ROSS (Patrick) born 27th October 1831 Golspie – moved to England
JAMES THOMSON ROSS born 11th July 1833 Golspie [married Janet Sutherland] - emigrated to Australia – went first to Geelong where he worked as a carrier and there married – later worked for Ballarat Shire Council as rate collector for many years before taking up farming near Learmonth
MARGARET ROSS born 10th August 1835 Golspie - was living in Rhiavaig Cottage, Creich in 1904 with her son Alexander Ross
JOHN ROSS, born 28th January 1840 Golspie – emigrated to Australia in early 1860s – known to have gone direct to the Ballarat Goldfields for a while unsuccessfully then became a gardener at Ballarat hospital
ALEXANDER ROSS born 27th June 1842 Golspie [married Rosanna Waters, daughter of Golspie customs official] – moved to England
Information from descendant Neil North, Australia

Number on Estate plan 36 & 37
36 - now known as Craig House with offices - formerly McLeod Shoemaker
37 – formerly Banscoile now Alba, Voluntary Groups East Sutherland offices
House built in 1820 by William CALDER on 2 stances 36/7 – he still owned them in 1850 – William Calder is shown as a Vintner on our 1837 Trades People list

Number on Estate plan 38
House built in 1820 by John SUTHERLAND. Owned by the Duke of Sutherland in 1850
House was removed to make way for Seaforth Road

Number on Estate plan 39 – now known as Orcadia – formerly Percy’s shop
House built in 1821 by Alexander CUTHBERT who still owned it in 1850. Alexander is shown as a tailor on our 1827 Trades People list. In the 1861 census Alexander was aged 64 years, born in Golspie, a tailor who lived alone. His address was shown as John Munro’s. I believe that Alexander married Margaret Munro in Golspie in 1825. They had three children.
Owned by the Duke of Sutherland in 1850
Family information 
Gustavus Sutherland appears to be a brother of Besey Sutherland, wife of Adam Gordon of Graimachary [c1750-1831] one of the leading tacksmen of Kildonan at the time of the clearances. Janet was born at Achnaluachrach, Rogart, daughter of Alexander Murray and Margaret Matheson (AG). Gustavus and Janet married before 1803. They moved into a new stone house with a thatched roof and a small garden in the new Golspie Main Street in 1808. Their daughter Margaret was born there. In 1824 Gustavus was charged with stealing hay from Drummuie, Golspie. He was then aged 46 years with six children living in Golspie with him and his wife. Living next door was Colin Murray, a carter and labourer, his two sisters and their mother Margaret Matheson. Later he was convicted of stealing and killing a sheep. After serving a prison sentence Gustavus and his family went to Leith, near Edinburgh in 1834. The Sutherland authorities refused to have him back in the county. His house in Golspie was valued and sold by the authorities at that time.
Their children: ANN SUTHERLAND, born 27 December 1803 Achnaluachrach, Rogart (OPR) – was mentioned in the sheep-stealing case as having given birth to a child in Rogart in November 1832 – seems possible she was married to Peter Murray: MARGARET SUTHERLAND, born 1809 Main Street, Golspie: ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND (Bessy) born 1811 Main Street, Golspie: WILLIAM SUTHERLAND, born 1814 Main Street, Golspie: unnamed child, born 1816 Main Street, Golspie: ADAM SUTHERLAND, born 1819 Golspie & ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND, born 1821 Main Street, Golspie

Alexander Gordon, London, descendant, provided the family information.

Number on Estate plan 41 – now known as Moray View – formerly a shop
House built in 1808 by Robert MACDONALD who built the house on 2 stances – see following reference also.
We know that in 1824 this house was home to Colin Murray, a carter and labourer, his two sisters and their mother Margaret Matheson, widow of Alexander MURRAY (Rogart) – they were still here in the 1841 census. 
James ANDERSON owned the house in 1850

Family information
Alexander Murray (died between 1804/1808) was shown as a farmer on his daughter Barbara’s death certificate. In the 1841 census of Golspie Village Margaret Matheson was living with her two daughters Barbara and Margaret and her son Colin Murray. Their house was next door to that of her son in law Gustavus Sutherland.
Alexander and Margaret’s children:
MARGARET MURRAY, born circa 1793 - died 13 July 1864 Golspie (DC) – 1841 census living in Golspie village with her mother and sister Barbara – at Fishertown, Golspie with sister Barbara in the 1851 and 1861 census records
BARBARA MURRAY, born 14 July 1795 Achnaluachrach, Rogart (OPR) - died 5th June 1877 Golspie, single, aged 79 years – 1841 census living in Golspie village with mother and sister Margaret – at Fishertown, Golspie with sister Margaret in the 1851 and 1861 census records – alone in Poor Cottage, Golspie in the 1871 census, a washerwoman
ANGUS MURRAY – signed his sister Barbara’s death certificate in Golspie in 1877
JOHN MURRAY, born 12 June 1800 Achnaluachrach
JAMES MURRAY, born 6 October 1804 Rogart
JANET MURRAY - married Gustavus Sutherland - see G046

Alexander Gordon, London, descendant, provided the family information.

Number on Estate plan 42 – now known as Bracoden
Built by Robert MACDONALD who also built 41 – see G047

Number on Estate plan 43 – now known as Rothlyn
House built in 1822 by Donald SUTHERLAND. Owned by his widow in 1850 - she was still in the house in 1860

Number on Estate plan 44
House built in 1820 by William SUTHERLAND. His widow owned the house in 1850. Widow H. SUTHERLAND lived here in 1860
This house was removed for new Police Station

Number on Estate plan 45 – now known as Achindour
Donald SUTHERLAND built the house in 1808. Owned by John and Thomas SUTHERLAND in 1850 - Thomas Sutherland, fisherman, here in 1860

Not on Estate plan in 1850 but house here in 1860 – may be part of Achindour now – see above
John SUTHERLAND, fisherman, here in 1860

Number on Estate plan 46 - now known as Hillview
William ROBERTSON built the house in 1812. Hector MACDONALD owned it in 1850, a fisherman he was still here in 1860.

Number on Estate plan 47 – now known as Torbreck
James THOMPSON built house in 1808. Widow THOMPSON owned it in 1850. Widow J Thompson, widow of a mason, here in 1860
Family information:
JAMES THOMSON [born circa 1770] married JANET DUNBAR born circa 1774]
James Thomson was a mason.
They had the following children:
JOHN THOMSON born 28th October 1797 Golspie
ROBERT THOMSON born 11th October 1799 Golspie
MARGARET THOMSON born 21st August 1802 Golspie
WILLIAM THOMSON born 12th February 1805 Golspie
JANET THOMSON born 18th October 1807 Golspie [died 1896 Golspie – buried St Andrew’s, Golspie] [married Alexander Ross- see G042]
MARY THOMSON born 26th June 1810 Golspie
JAMES THOMSON born 6th March 1813 Golspie
CHRISTIAN THOMSON born 22nd December 1815 Golspie
MARGARET THOMSON born circa 1817 [died 10th April 1895 Golspie] [married John Hall]
Information from Neil North, Australia. 

Number on Estate plan 48, 49, 50 & 51 – 48 was an office in 1960
Built by James DOUGLAS on 3 stances (49/51) in 1818 - owned by him in 1850

Number on Estate plan 52 – now known as Corner Cottage
House built by John MACLEOD in 1821. Owned by Widow MACLEOD in 1850 – she was still living here in 1860

Number on Estate plan 53 – now known as Tigh Geal, Station Road
Built by The Duke of Sutherland in 1849 - owned by him in 1850

Number on Estate plan 54 – now known as Heavitree - owned by Sutherland Estate
Built in 1850 and owned by James ANDERSON – this house had a slated stable and was positioned at the extreme west end of the village. As the local carter he had previously held a stance and croft at the east end and had a stable and store on Neil Macleod’s land opposite – see 121. Listed in Trades People 1837 as a blacksmith - James was still here in 1860. Around 1870 the Duke of Sutherland bought James Anderson’s house and opened up the Station Hotel.

According to the 1850 list this is where we go across the street to the shore side
It is possible some of the ‘extra’ people shown below lived in what is now Shore Street

Continue to Main Street part 3
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